End of Term Newsletter for 2nd Term 2019/2020

Posted By:  MGT / on March 27, 2020  

 Dear Esteemed Parent/Guardian,

 We give thanks to the Almighty God, who has seen us through this second term of 2019/2020 session successfully.  The co-operation, support and understanding of our parents/guardians throughout the term deserve special commendation. Thank you for keeping faith and having that trust on us.


Participation in the Girl child Educational Programme

Our female students in the course of the term, participated in a girl child educational training programme held on  Saturday, 14th  March,2020 at Ibom Hall. The event was organized to train the students on reproductive health, hygiene, academic, career and self development programmes.


Parents/guardians should  make use of our established channels of communication through which all forms of grievances or complaints can be channeled for resolution instead of resorting to self helps as such actions are not acceptable in an organized settings like ours and the society at large.


The School provides bus services for pupils/students that need it. It is  safe, convenient and affordable for both parents and their ward(s).The charges for the bus services are as follows:


Long distance-    N 6,000

 Short  distance - N4,500



Long distance  N 15,000

Short distance N 11,000


Parents/guardians are encouraged to choose the option that best  suit them.


The second terminal result for JS1-JS3 will be issued to parents/students when we resume next term from Monday, 4th May,2020. Parents/Guardians of students in SS1-SS3 should check their ward(s) result online from Friday,17th April, 2020.  


Resumption time is 7.30 am starting with morning devotion for all  students, the school gate will be closed by 8.30 a.m in the morning. The school closes Monday-Thursday  by  3.00 pm during lesson days and 2.00 p. m on Friday. Parents/guardians should endeavour   to pick their wards on time accordingly.


Parent should please take note and adhere to the approved uniforms for specific days in the school as listed below:



Mondays &Tuesdays

All students should put  on clean ironed customize shirt on blue short/skirt with black cover shoes & blue socks

Wednesdays and Thursdays

All students should come to school neatly dressed in sky blue shirt on navy blue short/skirt or in blue check shirt(boys)/gown(girls)


Same as on Mondays& Tuesdays

Note:   Students who do not come to school in the proper uniform for that day would not be allowed in the school.


1. School fees Payment:  We   appreciate your effort   in paying fees for your ward(s), despite the current economic challenges. It is our hope that God will provide finances to continuously perform such obligation in good time.

 The fee schedule stated below covers all the school programmes  and  activities  for  third term including our annual graduation ceremony fees. The fee schedule is as follows:

JSS1 - JSS2 and SS1 - N 22,000

JS3 - N 29,500 (Schools Fees + BECE) -details below

 SS2 -  N 28,500 (Schools Fees + SGPE)   -details below

Please make all payment in the student’s name to any of the banks details listed below.



A/C NUMBER:      0146809012 

 BANK:                   FIRST BANK PLC


A/C NUMBER:      2008995397


To avoid fee-drive experience on resumption, parents are encouraged to make plans to pay their ward(s) school fees during this holiday period. The school accepts fees payments in two installments at most.

 Please note that fee drive for next term will commence on the same day of resumption.


2.Registration for Eternal Examinations 

a) Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) 

Parents of JSS3 students are to pay the sum of Seven Thousand Naira only (N7,000) for registration of Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for their ward(s). The BECE examination fee should be paid in addition to the statutory 3nd term fees.

b) State Government Promotion Examinations for SS2 

Parents of SS2 students are to pay the sum of Six Thousand Naira only (N6,000) for the registration of state government promotion examinations (SGPE) for SS2 students.  The examination fee should be paid in addition to the statutory 3rd term fees. Please note that this examination is a pre-condition for registering students for 2021 SSCE examination

  3. Admission of new students 

Admission is still in progress for students into  JSS1-SS2 classes. Please pick admission form for your ward(s) in the school premises.

 4. Provision   of Textbooks and other learning    materials

Parents/Guardians should make use of the holiday period, to gather textbooks and learning materials for their ward(s). It is compulsory for all pupils/students to have Mathematics and English Language text books including core Science and Art subjects. Make use of the approved booklist provided by the school.

 5. Resumption date for third term 2019/2020 session 

The school will resume officially, 3nd term 2019/2020 academic session activities on Monday, 4th May, 2020 as announced by the State Ministry of Education.


The management and staff of Shammah International Christian Schools, wish our parents/Guardians and students a safe holiday period. May God protect our parents, wards, staff, management and the nation from the ongoing health challenges and bring all of us back as we resume next term in Jesus Name, Amen.


Signed:  Mgt

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